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Grand Prairie Drug Crimes Defense Lawyer for Possession of Controlled Substances

Drug crimes are taken seriously in Texas. Our state is somewhat of a hotspot for more serious drug crimes, so even the more minor crime of possession can be treated severely. Even having a small amount of marijuana for personal use can leave a mark on your record that you may never be able to shake, or you may be sent to jail if your case does not go well. Texas' drug laws can be quite confusing. State law splits illicit substances into different penalty groups. For drugs in most groups, the minimum sentence is 180 days in jail, and that is if you were only caught with a small amount. Clearly, the state is interested in cracking down on illegal substances.

The Law Office of Dennis R. Croman, Inc. has significant experience defending those accused of drug possession. We have successfully raised a number of strong legal defenses in these cases. Challenging whether you were actually, legally in possession of the substance in question is just one of the many strategies we may employ to help you when you are up on drug charges. Every drug possession case is more unique than you may think, and so is every defense strategy.

Cannabis Possession Attorney in Highland Park

While many other U.S. states have legalized marijuana for either recreational or medical use, Texas has not. Possessing any amount of cannabis or a THC product in any form is still a crime here. This includes marijuana flower, tinctures, edible THC products like gummies, and vaping cartridges, even if they were purchased legally in another state.

For quite a few defendants accused of cannabis possession, this is their first interaction with the criminal justice system. Our focus is on achieving an outcome that keeps your record clean and keeps you free. Marijuana belongs to its own penalty group - there is some legislative acknowledgment that cannabis does not quite cause the societal harms that "harder" substances do.

A well-handled cannabis possession charge may lead to probation or court-ordered substance abuse treatment followed by a potential dismissal. The Law Office of Dennis R. Croman, Inc. fights for this type of outcome.

Law Firm for Felony Drug Possession Cases in Grand Prairie

"Hard" drugs are divided further into different penalty groups. Possessing even a small amount of a drug in Penalty Group 1 or Penalty Group 2 is a felony. Penalty Group 1 substances include most prescription opioids, as well as heroin, methamphetamine, and mescaline. Penalty Group 2 substances include hallucinogens like peyote, PCP, and Ecstasy.

Becoming a felon can make even simple things like finding a well-paid or professional job or even good rental housing difficult. Felons face significant discrimination in many facets of life. Our firm will fight to protect you from this fate, whether that means striving for a dismissal or a reduction in charges.

Misdemeanor Drug Possession Attorney in Farmers Branch

While less serious than a felony, a misdemeanor drug possession conviction still mars your record. Possession of substances classified in Penalty Group 2-A through Penalty Group 4 is typically charged as a misdemeanor. These substances include benzodiazepines, anabolic steroids, and synthetic cannabinoids.

However, you should know that being caught with a large amount of these substances can lead to a drug delivery charge, which is typically a felony. Even if you are only facing a misdemeanor now, it is still critical that you take your defense seriously. Drug misdemeanors can still lead to jail time of up to a year.

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You can count on The Law Office of Dennis R. Croman, Inc. to raise strong defenses on your behalf when you are facing drug possession charges. Contact us online or call 972-887-3072 to arrange a free consultation.

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