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Grand Prairie Drunk Driving Lawyer for First, Second, and Multiple DWI Charges

A DWI charge can have serious consequences. Even if you currently have a clean record, and a simple DWI is your first-ever criminal charge, you could be sentenced harshly. For those who have already had one or more DWI convictions, the risk is even greater. Texas is one of the most unforgiving states when it comes to intoxicated driving. Even a first-offense DWI with no aggravating factors, such as causing an accident, could be punished with a 180-day jail sentence. Further, you would be up against an experienced prosecutor who may be eager to prove that he is "tough on crime."

The Law Office of Dennis R. Croman, Inc. is experienced in representing those accused of DWI offenses, including first-offense DWI, repeat DWI, and felony DWI. We have resolved many of these cases in a positive way. There are multiple defenses available, and alternative sentencing may sometimes be an option. In recent years, there has been an increasing focus on treatment-based sentencing aimed at preventing repeat offenses for those with a substance abuse problem. Our attorney is skilled at raising a number of sometimes technical defenses and fighting for more reasonable sentencing at every opportunity.

Help With a First-Time DWI in Dallas

A single DWI can be a life-changing event if your case goes badly. However, with a strong criminal defense team advocating for you, a less harsh outcome becomes much more likely. As a first-time defendant, you may have better opportunities. We will look closely at every detail of your case, starting from the first second a police officer spotted you. Every detail may be important. Anything that happened during your field sobriety tests - if you went along with them - or your chemical tests could be relevant to building a good defense.

Our firm will raise any defense that could help you. We will try everything we can to get your case dismissed, but even if that proves impossible, we are skilled at working with the court to secure alternative sentencing that may include mandated alcohol education or addiction treatment rather than time in the county jail.

Euless Defense Attorney for Multiple DWIs

After you have already had one or more DWIs, Texas courts may really begin cracking down. However, having a prior conviction does not mean that your field sobriety tests or chemical testing suddenly becomes more reliable. Field sobriety tests are highly subjective, and police observations may be biased after your first conviction. Chemical tests for drugs or alcohol can be affected by quite a few factors, from a contaminated test tube in blood tests to a radio in the room during a breath test.

You should still know that the stakes are high in a repeat DWI case. A third DWI in Texas is a felony. The Law Office of Dennis R. Croman, Inc. takes these cases very seriously.

Aggravated DWI Lawyer in University Park

Enhanced DWIs can be very serious, potentially leading to long prison terms depending on the specific facts of a case. These aggravated DWI cases are typically prosecuted as felonies. Having a felony on your record can limit your job prospects or even keep you out of rental housing. If becoming a felon is at all avoidable, we will do all we can to protect you against this lifelong label. Enhanced DWI charges may include:

  • DWI with a child passenger
  • Intoxication Assault
  • Intoxication Manslaughter

Our firm knows how much one of these charges will affect your entire life, so we do everything in our power to defend you when you have been accused of these crimes.

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