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Family law proceedings are often difficult from both a legal and an emotional standpoint. The stress associated with divorce, child custody, or guardianship proceedings can be on par with that of criminal prosecution. You may have concerns over where your children will primarily live or whether you will be able to receive spousal support. No two family law cases are alike. Every issue in your case is extremely important to you - and that makes it important to us.

The Law Office of Dennis R. Croman, Inc. is experienced in all types of family law cases, from the most amicable to the most contentious. No matter where your family law issue lands on that spectrum, you can rely on us to be there looking out for your interests at every turn. Whether you need us to negotiate with your spouse on your behalf or you need strong representation during high-conflict proceedings, our attorney can meet the particular needs of your case.

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There are quite a few separate issues that must be settled in a divorce case. The marital property must be divided evenly between the spouses. In Texas, this generally means that marital assets are split 50/50. Demands for alimony must be addressed. If there are children in common, a custody and child support plan must be established.

Now, there are more options than ever before for solving these issues. Mediation or negotiation are often favored, as these methods tend to save couples time and money. Even spouses who are not getting along may succeed using these methods with an attorney's help. However, if these methods are not going to work in your case, we are well-prepared to represent you during divorce litigation.

If you are already divorced but need your decree to be enforced or modified, The Law Office of Dennis R. Croman, Inc. can help with that as well.

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Whether your child support and custody case is related to a divorce, or you were never married to the other parent, these proceedings are incredibly important to you as a parent. Our attorney will strive to guard the precious relationship you have with your child. Texas courts put children first, and so does our firm. We believe that in most cases, children need a meaningful relationship with both parents.

Children also have the right to receive financial support from both parents. If we are able to secure primary custody for you, we will also fight for your child to receive every bit of the child support they deserve so that you can provide for their needs.

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Within a family, a need may arise to establish guardianship for an adult with disabilities or a senior citizen who is no longer competent to make certain decisions for themselves. Texas law provides for two types of guardianship. Guardianship of the person allows the guardian to make personal decisions for the ward, including choices about medical care and where the ward should live. Guardianship of the estate allows the guardian to manage the ward's finances and property. Either type of guardianship can be full or limited.

When guardianship becomes necessary, our firm can help. We know how delicate and difficult this situation can sometimes be. When you know that you need to protect your loved one with guardianship, we will handle your case with sensitivity and compassion.

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When you choose The Law Office of Dennis R. Croman, Inc. to represent you in your family law case, you can be confident that you are getting the highest quality legal advocacy. Our capable lawyer is prepared to handle any situation or dispute that may arise in family law. Contact us at 972-887-3072 for a free consultation.

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