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When you are grieving the loss of a loved one, the process of administering their estate may seem overwhelming. The probate process is notoriously cumbersome, whether the decedent left a will or not. Even when the decedent's estate planning was done quite well, and their wishes are clear, beneficiaries, personal representatives, and trustees alike may find themselves faced with what seems like endless red tape. Most people in these situations could benefit from a lawyer's assistance.

The Law Office of Dennis R. Croman, Inc. is skilled at navigating the probate or estate administration process to take the burden off the decedent's loved ones. With or without an estate plan, we know exactly what to do to help you settle your loved one's estate as quickly and smoothly as possible. Our attorney is well-versed in intestacy law, probate procedures, and trust administration. We make these complicated legal processes easy for you.

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For whatever reason, your loved one did not leave an estate plan. This is not uncommon, although it can be frustrating. Texas has a specific set of laws governing this exact situation. Our state's intestacy laws are aimed at protecting a decedent's immediate family. A surviving spouse and any children generally share the estate. If the decedent had neither a spouse nor children, their parents will generally inherit the entire estate.

The situation can be slightly more complicated in some situations, such as if the decedent left behind only distant relatives or minor children, particularly if they were divorced and paying child support. We can guide the process of establishing a trust to benefit the children or address any other complexities that may arise.

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Although Texas makes probate a bit easier than most states, following the correct probate procedures can become tricky. For estates subject to formal probate, many will qualify for independent administration, which allows an estate to be administered with less court supervision. However, doing so puts significant responsibility on the administrator, and having an attorney guide the process can be invaluable.

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If the estate qualifies for a simplified procedure, this can be of enormous benefit. We will assess your situation to determine whether you may be able to use a simplified process, such as:

  • Muniment of title
  • Small estate affidavit
  • Small estate procedures

If we can find a way to save you time, money, and stress with a probate shortcut, the process may be easier and less expensive than you may think.

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Using a trust is a wise decision for many estate planners. However, administering a trust can be a big responsibility. The trustee owes a fiduciary duty to the beneficiaries. It is important to fully understand and follow the terms set out in the trust, which can be complex. For fiduciaries, an attorney can offer a layer of legal protection by guiding you through the process of carrying out your duties while ensuring compliance.

Beneficiaries as well could often benefit from legal assistance. There is no court supervision over trust administration, and it can be difficult for beneficiaries to detect breaches of the fiduciary duty owed to them. Our law office can provide peace of mind and security to trust beneficiaries.

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Whether you need to address an estate involving a will, a trust, or no estate plan at all, The Law Office of Dennis R. Croman, Inc. can offer you legal guidance through the process of administering the estate. We can help with any case, from simple small estates to large and complex estates. Call us at 972-887-3072 or fill out our online contact form to get in touch and set up a free consultation.

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